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For first timers looking to get muddied we offer the “First Time Offroad Experience” course.

If you are a road biker that has never ridden offroad before or you ride a large Adventure/Dual sport bike that has not been offroaded, we have a course especially for you. Circa 5 – 6 hrs long it covers tips for motorbike and personal safety, body positioning, steering by footpegs, riding whilst standing and general off road riding skills.

It is comprised of explanations, practice and your guide demonstrating certain skills. After training we ride on some trails to put your new found experience into practice. Don’t worry about insurance or protective gear, we have the full range of helmets, boots, gloves and body armour here and for your convenience we also include in the price personal insurance. Just turn up and ride – let us take care of the rest.

A full (A) or (A2 upto 600cc) motorcycle license is absolutely necessary. International clients please check in advance your license covers you.

You must have a valid motor license to qualify for our trailriding tours. Algarve Trailriding will, however, provide free personal insurance and all the necessary safety gear needed for your adventure, ensuring your experience is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

For more information or to book a trip, do not hesitate to contact us. Leave a message below or email us at info@algarvetrailriding.com. Our friendly team would love to discuss any questions you may have and help you get prepared for your next adventure!

1 Day Training

220€ Euros

2 Day Training

430€ Euros


1 Day Training

Start time is 1000 hrs. You will be checked in and registered. PLEASE bring your license and your security deposit (200€) with you.

We will select the correct fitting sizes of helmet and safety gear and give you a backpack for the day and a bottle of water.

Then it’s onto the introduction to the bike. This will cover, Safety features, starting procedure general info about the type of bike you have been given. Then we’ll start the training with some basic positions and generally getting familiar with the bike.

After this, we start up the bikes and head up into the forest on a easy access route that will help you settle your nerves and help you to start to “feel the bike”.

Out in the bush we will then start training which will last initially around 1.5 – 2 hours.

After the training we’ll ride some gentle offroad tracks with a few tricky bits to test your new found skills and head out for lunch.

After lunch more of easy flowing tracks with different locations thrown in that have tricky, wet, slippy, uphill or downhill challenges and any other obstacles that may appear when offroading..

The first day is over after around 5 – 6 hrs typically.

2 Day Training

Following on from Day 1 the second day of training is really about getting out on the Trails and getting some Kms under our belts.

Typically we average in the range of 50 – 70 kms. You will be guided how to approach terrain, with instruction on gear selection, body positioning, throttle control etc 

As well as riding in the bush we will be looking for specific areas to put your increasing skill set into practice.

Learning about braking techniques on steep or slippy hills, head and body positioning as well as weight distribution and tying it all in with throttle, clutch, body control. 

Usually the second day lasts around 7 hours with a break for lunch of around 1 hour.


  • Motorbike License
  • Boot socks
  • Security Deposit (200€)
  • If you prefer to bring your own riding gear that’s fine (rental of ours is provided free of charge). For additional insurance cover to include off-road motorbike riding please visit www.sportstrip.co.uk
I have never done trail bike riding. Is this too advanced for me?

Our day rides can be organised to suit any level of ability and are designed to build your skills and confidence – in the most amazing location!

I’m an experienced rider. Do you have day rides of interest to me?

This glorious part of the world and our expertise mean that we can find locations for even the most advanced off road bike riders. It’s why customers keep coming back for more!

What’s included in Algarve Trailriding adventures?

Your day trip will include the use of our well maintained and thoroughly checked off road motorcycles. Full, comprehensive personal insurance is included in the price.

You will also get all the right safety gear for this great holiday experience, and enough fuel to help you cover a lot of ground. Our expert guide and coach will be with you throughout, to make sure your motorbike day ride is packed with fun, challenges and unique local experiences.

You even get a film of your Algarve riding adventure, to relive the joy of the day!

Don’t forget that Sandytoes can also offer excellent accommodation options for your Western Algarve bike day ride.

What happens if a bike breaks down while we are out?

Our team are ready for any eventuality during our trips, and always take a back up bike on expeditions.

Ready to Ride?