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Our Bikes

Although we do have a few different brands of bikes here that we can call on at any time to be used, most of the times clients are going to be placed on the AJP PR5. Never heard of it ? No perhaps not but it is a great little lightweight bike that is garnering attention all over the world as it is being used in Extreme and Hard Enduros more often.

The bike is made here in Portugal and the owner of AJP was in fact a National Champion in Trials and Enduro. He has the pedigree to create a great offroad enduro/trailriding bike and his family of engineers have succeeded in bringing this bike to fruition. Lightweight bikes, with under seat fuel tank for low C of G, low ratio gears in lower gears and open gearing in upper gears means the bike can be ridden like a Trials bike in tough technical areas or opened up on straights and in sand etc.

I have personally been in the Portuguese National enduro series on the PR5’s and I can honestly say, they are very capable. They have earned themselves the nickname of “The Goat” for their amazing hill climbing prowess.

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