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Protecting your Melon

All about helmets and safety of them.
Capacete, casque, lid, skid lid, helm…..Yes very different ways and different languages to say Helmet. So, not too long ago I spent a fair bit of time trying to find info on how severe a fall or drop has to be to determine should you be buying a new helmet. Now my reason for wanting to find this out is after buying a brand new helmet and un boxing it and before getting it onto my melon (head), I managed to drop it onto a hard tiled floor. Yikes I thought (yeah right that is not the words that emitted from my mouth) does this now mean I need/ought to/have to buy a brand new helmet again.
Anyone know the answer ? Well the decision I came to was 1. Check externally for any damage. In this instance some small scuff marks were all that showed. 2. I removed the lining and visually inspected the foam inner (also called EPS I believe). The tell tale sign of severe damage is if the black exterior coating has flaked/broken away to expose the white core underneath. In this case no, that hadn’t happened.
So for me it was a simple (but a wee bit scary decision at first) to continue using the helmet. So, here I am 2 years later still using that same helmet which is still proving to be safe. I have had a few crashes, generally at low speeds and yes I have accidentally dropped it on the floor again. Still no damage internally.
Apparently if a helmet is dropped onto the ground by itself (i.e. not physically connected to a head) the EPS foam material doesn’t have any contact with your head and is subsequently not likely to react to the force from a head pushing against it, thus resulting in less damage from a drop. Good to know.
So the helmet I’d bought was in fact an Airoh – https://www.airoh.com/ – and was the second I’d bought in a row. I’d spent quite a bit of time online looking for reviews etc on enduro/MX helmets before making a shortlist.
What I found when looking to buy was that a design 1 or 2 seasons out of date (i.e. that wasn’t in fashion “this year”) resulted in huge savings in price. In this instance, my current Airoh was now reduced by over 50% from RRP, all because the colour scheme was a bit lame (green and black, even if it had been pink I’d probably have bought it…LOL).
So how do you guys choose the right helmet for you ? I have to say my criteria for creating the short list to begin with, was getting a few magazines and watch a few videos of the best riders in the World. See what brands were sponsoring them and then decide, if it’s good enough for Johnny Walker et al then it’s good enough for me.
Anyone ever bought a cheap Chinese lid from Ebay ? Got any stories of bad helmets that you’d recommend us to stay away from ? If so, drop a line below and tell your story.