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Are you a backpacker ?

I know not everyone needs to drag a great big back pack around on their shoulders whilst riding a dirtbike. Some are very happy to carry nought with them on a ride, some are happy to have a tool pack/bum bag alone. Me, well I get the real pleasure of dragging around 10kgs on my back and around another 3 kilos in a bum bag. If I go for a ride by myself it’s one of the joys I get to experience not having a big backpack but even so, I always carry something on my back.
Well, I gotta say, I know I’m an old fart but I just cannot believe the price of a dirtbike/enduro backpack these days. I mean come on really? 200€!!!! OK there’s plenty of folks out there happy to spend that out of choice and I’m sure plenty of folks think it’s not too bad a price. For me I had to set my budget a bit lower around 50€ or something. I was growing dis-heartened when actually I think I found the right thing for me and as a bonus it just happened to be in a black Friday sale so it came within my budget price….YEEEHAH…Bonus.
OK….some fantastic names making some excellent gear…If I had the money I could have bought 3 or 4 different models. Here’s some that really appealed to me..

I love the new way that the straps cross over in a X style. Although I’ve been super happy with my old backpack, I have had an issue twice by forgetting the waist strap which locked into the back of the seat almost dragging me off. I’ll be looking forward to not having that issue with my new bag. Also, materials technology has come on leaps and bounds. Look at the hard wearing abrasive resistent materials especially on the Kriega and Klim. I love Kriega stuff anyway and so far my water pack has shown zero signs of damage after 4 years hard work.
That reminds me, all offroad/dirtbike backpacks all seem to come with a hydration pouch now. Couldn’t find a dirtbike backpack that was just a bag.
OK so what did I go for. X style straps, tough material, good price and 16L, which is what I felt was the minimum size I need (20L would have been spot on)……Here it is.