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Enduro Training

If you’re ready to try your hand at enduro and trailriding but want to have professional training to help you get going we have the perfect course for you. Our very own certificated “First Time Offroad Experience” – FTOE

Road biker’s that have never ridden offroad or riders of large Adventure motorbike’s that have not been offroad are typical clients of ours for these dirt bike training courses.
Circa 7 hrs long each day we cover tips for motorbike and personal safety, body positioning, steering by footpegs, riding whilst standing and general off road riding skills. Our enduro trailbikes are absolutely perfectly suited to novice riders. We have been training students since 2017 on enduro or trailriding techniques on offroad dirtbikes.
You can choose from a 1 day course all the way to our very popular 3 days training with a trailride on day 4 to finalise all your enduro training.
Certificates are awarded for completion of Level 1, 2 or 3….basically each level is a days training.
So if you’re finally ready to get some enduro training in a safe environment get in touch now. A full (A) or (A2 upto 600cc) motorcycle license is absolutely necessary. International clients please check in advance your license covers you.

You must have a valid motor license to qualify for our trailriding tours. Algarve Trailriding will, however, provide free personal insurance and all the necessary safety gear needed for your adventure, ensuring your experience is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

For more information or to book a trip, do not hesitate to contact us. Leave a message below or email us at algarvetrailridingtours@gmail.com Our friendly team would love to discuss any questions you may have and help you get prepared for your next adventure!

1 Day Training

260€ Euros

2 Day Training

500€ Euros

3 Day Training

750€ Euros

3 Day Training + 1 Day riding

980€ Euros


1 Day Training

Start 1000 hrs check in and register. Select the correct fitting sizes of helmet and safety gear and get your backpack for the day with a bottle of water.

Introduction to the bike covering, Safety features, starting procedure general info about the type of dirtbike you have been given. Then we’ll start the training with some basic positions and getting familiar with the enduro bike.
Then we start up the trailbikes and head up into the forest on an easy access route to settle your nerves and help you to start to “feel the bike”.
In the bush we will then start training which will last initially around 2 hours.
After the training, we’ll ride some gentle offroad tracks with a few tricky bits to test your new-found skills and head out for lunch.

After lunch more of easy-flowing tracks with different locations thrown in that have tricky, wet, slippy, uphill or downhill challenges and any other obstacles that may appear when offroading.
The first day is over after around 6 hrs typically.

2 Day Training

The second day of training is really about getting out on the Trails and getting some Kms under our belts.
Typically we ride around 50 km. You will be guided how to approach terrain, with instruction on gear selection, body positioning, throttle control etc
Riding in the bush we will be looking for specific areas to put your increasing skill set into practice.
Learning about braking techniques on steep or slippy hills, head and body positioning as well as weight distribution and tying it all in with throttle, clutch, control.
The second day lasts around 7 hours with a break for lunch of 1 hour.

3 Days training

By day 3 we will be exploring more advanced techniques such as brake turns, drift turns, static balancing, fast cornering, spin turns and a few other goodies. Whilst we don’t expect World Champions after only 3 days training it does highlight the notion of what you can start to aim for when Trail riding/Enduro riding.

3 Days training + 1 days ride

This really is the most optimal choice. Everything as explained above plus the last day spent riding and enjoying the tracks and trails.
The main focus is on riding our dirtbikes but we will stop and discuss ideas and tips as and when necessary. Everything is wrapped up nicely with a proper Trail riding/Enduro ride out.


  • Motorbike License
  • Boot socks
  • Security Deposit (200€)
  • If you prefer to bring your own riding gear that’s fine (rental of ours is provided free of charge). For additional insurance cover to include off-road motorbike riding please visit www.sportstrip.co.uk
I have never done trail bike riding. Is this too advanced for me?

Our day rides can be organised to suit any level of ability and routes are designed to build your skills and confidence. However I truly believe anyone who has never ridden a dirt bike before will be much better suited to a 1 day (or more if requested) Training course we run.

I’m an experienced rider. Do you have day rides of interest to me?

Our expertise in this area means we can find locations for even the most advanced off road trail enduro bike riders. It’s why customers keep coming back for more!

What’s included in Algarve Trailriding adventures?

Your day trip will include the use of our well maintained and thoroughly checked off enduro trail bikes. Also included, personal insurance, video of the day, riding gear, fuel, backpack, water, guide.

We also have 2 5* rated Holiday homes to make booking your adventure enduro trailriding tour and holiday with us so much easier.

What happens if a bike breaks down while we are out?

The guide will carry all in field items as required, tool pack, tyre repair items etc. If needed we can call for support from our back up team. We keep a spare bike on a trailer ready if no repair can be done in the field, ensuring minimum disruption to our days enduro trailbike riding adventure.

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