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Chin up buddy – For a better shot

We all love recording a bit of film when we’re out riding our dirtbikes. Whether it’s to get some self gratifying footage of ourseves doing that gnarly river bed for the first time without dabbing or showing off your wheelie skills or better still, getting your buddy stuffing up when showing off his wheelie prowess. We all love having that footage to post on Facebook or Insty and feel like we’re part of the tribe or maybe to use it for training purposes to become part of the elite tribe.

Anyway’s this week in the US the AMA said helmet cams could no longer be used during AMA races. I know the ACU in the UK have maintained for a couple of years no helmet cams allowed.
Recently I have been advised not to keep my GoPro Session – https://gopro.com/en/us/ – mounted to the side of my helmet as it has the potential to cause a nasty neck injury in an accident. I have now read these same warning words several times in the last few months.
This has set me looking for a GoPro mount on the front of my helmet and it seems more and more common these days to have it mounted in front of the mouth piece.

So I’ve been looking. Incredibly and co-incidentally I was approached this week by a great company – WANNABES – based out in the US to trial one of their mounts. Sadly none of my helmets are suitable at the moment but I hope in the next few months a prototype will be shipped out to me for my older Airoh Twist. – https://www.airoh.com

So, if you’re in the market for a GoPro mount please check these guys out at Wannabes. It looks an awesome system, sleek and low profile as opposed to the generic ones I’ve seen. They have a list of helmets already profiled and that they support so can ship straight away to you. You’ll be supporting a start up company trying to combat the affects from covid too. I wish them all the success they deserve. https://shop.wannabes.life

Hopefully, having a great set up to record more film will lead to more and more of those funny videos we watch on a Sunday night watching everyone have a massive fail on their bikes and hoping even more so, We won’t be in that same film one day !!! LOL.