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How it all began

How did we get started here at Algarve Trailriding Tours….

Long story short….I’ve been mad on scramblers and dirtbikes since being a really young boy aged 7 or so. I managed to get some form of sponsorship aged around 14 years old and I was hoping this would lead to me racing regularly as a teenager. My folks had no interest in dragging me around to race so I pushed as hard as I could as a teenager to make it happen in some way. Upshot of it all….It didn’t quite come off. Years later, I wanted to compensate for the lack of achieving my boyhood dream of being a pro racer. Running Trailriding Tours here in the stunning western Algarve seemed to be a perfect combination of everything I still dreamed about.

I have done a few races since being here in Portugal. Racing at my age has definitely shown me the down side of sliding round corners and bouncing off at speed. Too many long recoveries from a few bad hits means that nowadays I much prefer Trailriding and Enduro riding mixing into the bag some small technical challenges. I said no more racing aged 50 but since then have done 2 large races 1 in the National Enduro Championship and 1 in the Baja Rally TT series. So, as you can see, I’m more semi retired than fully retired. Mind you my wife seems to have quite a lot to say about my continuing racing career (LOL).

So for those of you looking to find a great place for you to ride offroad dirtbikes on some of the best riding trails and locations in Europe, why not check out our website www.algarvetrailriding.com and see if we can whet your whistle.

Having been in business since 2016, we’ve had plenty of clients come through our doors for enduro and trailriding and enduro training.

Glad to say, many clients have become friends. That truly is a magical feeling about running this business.

Hope to hear from some of you soon. Thanks, Anton and Chris.

Drop us a line at info@algarvetrailriding.com if you have any queries.