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How many bikes is not enough ?

Of course most people will say how many bikes is too many but I feel the other way and it’s very clear from reading a lot of FB posts from groups I belong to, most people cannot get by with just 1 bike.
That being said, this is 1st World problems and what I write may be only more applicable to wealthier Nations and subsequently within those Countries some of it’s wealthier people.
For the best part of 12 years my Drz400E was my only bike and I was happy. It did everything I needed it to and I even had fun in a few races on it. No matter whether it was in Adventure mode, Enduro Trim, Race trim, or just plain Trailriding trim, I was happy. Sure I knew it was not the best at many things compared to a KTM Enduro bike or a GS adventure bike for example but for me it was fine. Other people around me seemed to have the problem….”You can’t do an adventure on that” I have heard, equally, you can’t do a race on that I have also heard. However, of course these negative ninnies were proven wrong and I had FUN….see that FUN…caps on as I was VERY HAPPY. So this is what I’m slowly getting round to…If you are happy on your bike and it does what you need it to most of the time surely that’s enough….isn’t it ? For me the most absolute important thing is to have fun…I ride tracks and trails where I have fun….If I come home at the end of a ride with the biggest smile then I won…..Don’t care if I was 2kms behind everyone else or if my bike didn’t do all the log crosses etc. I love riding with buddies where we feel a good day out is the amount of laughing we achieved during the day.
Now I know Mr KTM wants you to buy a different orange bike for every conceivable situation imaginable and in fact due respect…he is supplying a bike for pretty much every situation conceivable but don’t feel the need to get a new bike 6 months before the model year just because. Of course, everyone has that entitlement but I never understood people going into debt massively just to stay up to date.
For me my 2016 Sherco, I bought with a 10 year plan…It has to survive 10 years. Let’s hope that I can too.
So in closing….How many bikes is not enough ? well only you can answer that…I have 7 in the garage…..so……it is plain to see 1 is not enough….LOL but I expect soon 1 will be fine just like it was in the old days.
Happy riding guys and keep them wheels moving as much as you can in these complicated times.