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Try to be defined – Or Not

This may appear to be a simple question and perhaps there is a simple answer….So, I’ll hand it over to you guys to give me that simple answer……..Post your response down below.

What do you think Trailriding or Enduro is…in definition terms please let me know.

What am I blabbering on about

See the reason why I have asked myself this question countless times is…for example, the terminology of greenlaning doesn’t really exist outside of the UK, equally if you type offroading into Google for example you get 4×4’s. Type enduro or Trailriding and you’ll likely end up clicking on some mountain bike post or even horse riding post, actually even greenlaning will likely bring up 4×4’s and Landrovers too.

Why is this important or even remotely interesting….Ahh because…I have spent a fortune on SEO…Search Engine Optimisation for my website……and as I appeal to a global audience it’s really difficult to write a 1 sentence expression that everyone really identifies with. My friends in the USA often use the term dual sport….this was quite a new expression for me but these days with my social media work I do I now hashtag #dualsport quite a lot.

Does it really matter…well perhaps not really (though any SEO pro would say otherwise)….as long as there plenty of photos and video people can certainly see what it is we do here on our guided trailriding/enduro tours. In broader terms it means I have to use all the above mentioned expressions in my posts so that gives me a bit of free range to make any post sound less contrived and artificial.

What I have taken away for me personally is this….The difference in my mind between Trailriding and Enduro for example is the rate of speed you do the same piece of track/trail at. For example, some of my Trailriding routes here at Algarve Trailriding Tours actually are on parts of the ISDE 2019….I was riding those bits way before they got incorporated into their routes so I still consider them Trailrdiding tracks…however seeing a few hundred bikes belting down the same bit of track doing almost twice the speed I would have rode it at made it clear to me that really Enduro riding is Trailriding at speed. It is therefore more a race trailride and enduro seems to encompass this.

To me Trailriding is taking the time to ride your dirt bike on a track or trail and have the time to immerse yourself in the fine riding that your doing. No need to belt down that trail at excessive speed. Trailriding can take you to some seriously hard areas to ride and overcome but essentially, it’s all about taking the time to see, ride, enjoy and even take a stop for a few photos or video on the way.

This is exactly what we do here at Algarve Trailriding. We choose a route or routes that are hopefully well tailored to our clients experience level then we ride and enjoy the day taking away a host of memories and a few minutes worth of video for keepsake. So far I’d say by far the great majority of clients have enjoyed the variation of terrain we have here in this region. My most frequent client is Bob….I think he’s upto 7 visits now but equally 1 client did 7 straight days of riding once.

Can we do it ? Yes we can !

So, maybe some of you have the chance to mull over this question now and I look forward to hearing a reply from you. Perhaps there is no need to define “it” at all….As long as we’ve been out on our dirtbikes for a great days riding came back home safe, with some silly stories to tell our family and friends then perhaps that’s enough. This day and age everything in life seems to want to be pigeon holed neatly put away in a well defined little box.

I’ve had an un conventional up bringing and I hope my way of delivering a days Trailriding is a great way and interesting and stimulating and a bit challenging equally. We’ve had very good feedback over the last 4 years, hopefully we can keep up that level of commitment and passion. Covid has certainly pushed us to the limit but hey….still here and still gagging to ride bikes.

Fancy a ride or holiday with us…check out our website, see our feedback scores, get in touch. This year more than any other…make it happen….https://algarvetrailriding.com/

And…whether you ride dual sport, trail, enduro or even Trials, we have something here for you….can we do it….Yes we can.