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Welcome to Algarve Trailriding Tours

Welcome to the first official blog page from Algarve Trailriding Tours.

I have been writing some articles for a Tourism magazine available here in the Algarve and this has inspired me somewhat to put an article type page together for those of you interested in all things dirt bike related.

I hope to pick up on current topics and cover some tips for bike maintenance, riding technique and anything that is of interest to us enduro and trailbiking riders.

If anyone is interested in writing and wants to share something I’m very happy to have you write an invitational a blog post. So especially now in times of Covid restrictions, please feel free to let your inner writing demon free.

Upbeat and funny articles will be particularly welcome. Anything that keeps us entertained is obviously very welcome.

So just to let you know, as of this week starting Mon 18th May 2020 some travel and social distancing restrictions have been lifted. This in fact means we have just booked up 2 Trailriding Tours in a week and both our holiday rental houses are booked out for the next few days. The corona virus has been devastating for us so this week feels really positive.

I’ve already made a video of the 2 days guiding trip I did just 2 days ago…Here’s the link….


This was a private 2 day guided tour with the focus on enduro technical riding as asked for by the client.

From feed back received – Algarve Trailriding Tours knocked it out the ball park.

So, here we go guys, anyone interested in booking up before the summer heat comes and closes off the majority of the riding during the months of July and Aug get in touch ASAP.

This year, during usual fire restrictions, I’ll be running tours slightly differently, no forest riding but we’ll be on tracks and trails with visits to points of interest etc.

Look forward to hearing back from you. Anyone who wants to drop me a line can use info@algarvetrailriding.com

Regards, Anton and Chris.