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Why do you sell your bike ?

So last week, I sold one of my PR5’s. It had done 8000kms and had never given any mechanical problems ever. I had always changed oil at 1000km intervals and had always done valves at 1500km intervals apart from first check at 1000kms. So, why did I sell it ? Well for me I’d had it 4 years and was thinking when is the right time to sell when someone asked if I’d sell.. I was hoping to get another bike for the fleet and needed to sell this one to use the money towards another new bike. However the second that I had agreed to sell it, I was regretting my decision. It has been so reliable, is in great condition, has a lot of new bits on it, pads, tyres, clutch plates and more besides….I felt like I wanted to cancel the sale. However the new owner was v.keen to have it and very excited to get out riding on it.

Since then I have thought about the typical scenario I seem to read about on many of the FB groups I belong to…..Where selling a bike after 6 -12 months is very normal. I guess these people have 1.Very deep pockets to be able to buy a new bike every year 2. Must be A grade riders to need the improvement in a model after 12 months and 3.Believe in helping the economy get back on it’s feet !! LOL.

Well I have just read about a lady on a PR5 who has 30,000kms on it, has been all over Europe and Morocco and has no intention of selling just yet. Like her, I believe that fresh oil changes are a key component to longevity in a bikes engine, a bit of good luck of course, regular maintenance and not to thrash an engine but use it carefully, sensibly and try to be in the correct gear at all times. No matter where I go someone always criticises these Chinese engines, having never ridden a bike with a Chinese engine before of course they are extremely prejudiced to the robustness of a Chinese engine. 40 years ago ago my Dad used to tell me never trust “Jap Crap”…He was an avid British biker…BSA, Triumph of course and his favourite, Panther. I think it’s fair to say, regardless of the reasons behind the economic failings of the British motorbike industry, Jap Bikes are what people want these days for their reliability, sportiness, good prices and pleasing aesthetics as well as choice of course…Choice in the sense of 125, 250, 500, 650 etc, etc. I’ll be very interested to see where Chinese bikes are in say 20 years time….assuming I’m still around to contemplate this outcome.

So, how about you ? Why or what is your key thought to sell ? I think for me one very important reason is, as a kid I nor my family ever had money. If I got anything I had to care/look after it to make it last. I tend to keep bikes and cars for a minimum of 6 years typically. My Drz I sold last year, I’d had 9 years, My Landrover Discovery, I’d had 7 years. My KTM500 is now 8 years old and I have no intention yet to sell. My newly acquired SEr300 Sherco, I said I’d keep for 10 years…Let’s see.

Anyway, whatever your reasons for buying a new bike, It seems we all look back in around 30 years time and say…..”awww they (insert bike of choice) were great bikes, I wish I still had it”…LOL.